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Free Dessert with Every Meal at the Adelina Restaurant
  • Kibbutz Cabri
  • 0723971715
Adelina was opened at Kibbutz Cabri more than 15 years ago. With a large patio overlooking banana fields and the blue sea in the distance, Adelina is a chef restaurant with Mediterranean cuisine and an added Spanish touch. The restaurant is inside a stone building once used as the kibbutz’s cultural center, facing Western Galilee views.

Bonus for festival-goers on Thursday, May 6: free dessert with every meal at the Adelina Chef Restaurant More About...

10% Off at the Tosha Bakery
  • Rosh HaNikra
  • 0723957620
Tosha, bakery, and café at Kibbutz Rosh Hanikra. Shahaf Avraham and Tomer Swisa are friends and co-workers from northern Israel, who after many years of gaining knowledge and experience working in leading restaurants in Israel, decided to make their dream come true and opened Tosha. Tosha offers a large selection of pastries and other baked goods such as stir and crunch cakes, chocolate and cheesecakes, mousses, croissants, quiches, and more. The bakery also has a café, so you can drink great coffee with your pastries, or take them to go.

10% Off Thursday & Friday, May 6-7 at the Tosha Bakery More About the Tosha Bakery

Gift For Every Purchase Over 200 NIS At Tamarahindi Natural Cosmetics
  • Clil
  • 0723971655
Tamara lives and breathes her home at Clil and has been working in natural pharma for over 20 years. She specializes in natural pharma and makes classic and ancient remedies, both western and ayurvedic and combinations of the two, and from that Tamarahindi was founded. At Tamarahindi, you can take up workshops about Indian home-remedies or natural pharma and also enjoy a versatile selection of treatments, personalized nutrition, and lifestyle consultations using different care treatments, cleansings, and relaxing spa massages.

Gift for every purchase over 200 NIS at Tamarahindi Natural Cosmetics, all three days of the Festival. More About...

10% Off the Purchase of Workshops or Pieces from the Jara Studio
  • Clil
  • 0723971101
Jara Studio was established about twenty years ago by the artist couple Alon Gil and Batya Margalit, graduates of the Bezalel Academy of Art. The studio is located in the ecological village of Clil, in the Western Galilee and is a creative house for pottery, glass, and metal. The environment and lifestyle are a source of inspiration for the creative process.

10% off the purchase of workshops or pieces from the Jara Studio, all three days of the festival More...

Free Authentic Dessert When Ordering Two Main Courses At The Turkiz Restaurant in Akko
  • Old Akko
  • 0723971189
Turkiz is a Mediterranean-style market café and restaurant. The restaurant is located between the market and the marina of Old Akko, in a small and picturesque alley, decorated by the owner with flowers, plants, and night lights. You are invited to enjoy the wonderful atmosphere of Turkiz during the morning with breakfast, coffee, and tea in Samir’s beautiful collection of dishes from all over the world as well as handmade desserts.

Free authentic dessert when ordering two main courses at the Turkiz Restaurant in Old Akko, all three days of...

Brioche Gives An Apple Pie To Anyone Who Orders A Picnic Basket During the Festival
  • 0723957679
Brioche is the dream come true for Hagit Stern from Nahariya, who traveled to France to study confectionery and today runs a successful catering business and place for cooking and baking workshops.